Educational Verification

Education Verification is the process of verifying the certification, training or educational claims of a job applicant. Education Verification is sometimes referred to as an Education Background Check or an Education Check. The verification of education process is an important part of a quality pre-employment background check.

Why Educational Verification?

Education and training are often key to an employee's on-the-job success. An Education Verification search confirms that the education, training, or certification claims of an applicant are true. Large number of job applicants make false educational claims, Education Verifications is a Valuable honesty check, while helping to protect an employer against negligent hiring claims. Therefore, Human Resources Management must check out everyone, no matter how trustworthy they sound. It is essential to have a pre-employment screening program in place and to include education verification as part of that program. The cost associated upfront to verify your candidate’s educational background can save you plenty in money and time as well as potential litigation and embarrassment. Those who win contracts with major corporations, especially technology or defense and security related industries, will find it mandatory to perform background checks for everyone who will be working on the project. This includes education verification, which will include verification of all degrees and not just the highest.

Credential Research's® Educational Verification Services:

Credential Research's® web based portal facilitates you to screen your applicants and new employees to verify past employment, confirm education degrees or check for criminal offenses - completely online, completely simple.

Experts at Credential Research® contact the educational institution that issued the degree or certificate for you and most degrees or certificates are verified by the institution's Admissions and Records Office. Some educational institutions also use third-party verification services.

With Credential Research's® global presence and collaboration with partners all over the globe, Credential Research® is able to provides International Verifications for all of its screening services, including education, employment, and reference checks. Backed by powerful and proficient user friendly and interactive web based state of the art research application software, Credential Research® can provide verifications from around the world. The interface and procedures for ordering international verifications are the same as domestic verifications.

In addition to online verification, we contact universities, colleges, vocational schools, etc., to also verify dates of attendance and graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, majors studied, GPA, and honors received.

Features of Credential Research’s® Educational Verification:

  • Certified, industry-educated staff with an ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Fast, Accurate & easy web based online education background screening.
  • Detailed screening tools & reports.
  • Custom education screening solutions for any size business.
  • Direct Integration with client portals for streamlined education screening.
  • Domestic & International Verification capacity.
  • Fast turnaround times.

Credential Research’s® Global Presence:

Credential Research’s® screening solutions adhere to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements. At Credential Research, we have collaborated with partners across the globe which enables us to perform verifications and checks when it comes to International Educational Degree verification.

We verify degrees with the fastest turnaround times and lowest costs in the industry. Our researchers are familiar with local education institutions and requirements and work with the school to complete your education verification in a timely manner.