Business Credit Verification

Business Credit Reports are considered an insightful, accurate, historical and enlightened information source for companies and individuals that are seeking to initiate a business credit relationship with other businesses.

There are many credit management companies that specialize in business credit reports. These credit management companies are in the business of gathering the most predictive information on individuals and companies beforehand in order to assure that a company that has an interest in providing credit to another company or individual will have less worries on whether or not they will get paid. They will not have to concern themselves with the risk associated with not knowing the borrowers history. Other uses of this report is to assess risk in extending loans to businesses, insuring businesses, underwriting insurance risk, purchasing businesses, investing in businesses or even company directors.

Why do you need Business Credit Verification?

You know it's important to check your personal credit report, but did you know it's just as important to make sure your business credit report accurately reflects the status of your small business' credit? The amount of credit and the terms, or rate offered, will be determined by your business credit history and score.

Just as you monitor your suppliers' credit rating, your customers also monitor yours. You could be losing business without even realizing it.

With increases in commercial credit fraud, it is important to monitor your business credit report for transactions that you did not initiate.

With business credit reports, you can keep track of your own company's business credit in the same way that you monitor your customers and suppliers.

Credential Research's® Business Credit Verification Services:

Credential Research® uses Dun & Bradstreet Credit Information that comes along with 2000 quality checks to conduct reference checks and recognize red flags, to reduce DSO and improve cash flow, and to prioritize collections.

At Credential Research® we:

  • Check for completeness and accuracy
  • Learn how your company compares with others in your industry
  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your file
  • Develop a strategy to improve your company's credit standing
  • Better control risk
  • Allocate funds more efficiently
  • Increase cash flow
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Receive alerts regarding new derogatory information and prioritize risk. Purchase online business credit reports to monitor the health of your small business or to make insightful decisions about prospective business partners, customers and suppliers.

Primary Benefits Include:

  • Accuracy with error free results.
  • Reporting and dashboard features.
  • Time & Cost savings that can be quantified.
  • Easy to manage Electronic signatures & digital forms.