Bankruptcy is a legal status of a person or other entity that cannot repay the debts it owes to creditors. In most jurisdictions, bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by the debtor.

Bankruptcy is not the only legal status that an insolvent person or other entity may have, and the term bankruptcy is therefore not a synonym for insolvency. In some countries, bankruptcy is limited to individuals, and other forms of insolvency proceedings (such as liquidation and administration) are applied to companies. In the United States, bankruptcy is applied more broadly to formal insolvency proceedings.

Another specific type of court records frequently requested is the bankruptcy record. US Federal Districts handle bankruptcy cases in a separate court. We can carry out a search for any bankruptcy associated with an applicant that is recorded in the specific US District Court that you request. The information returned may include case or file number, date filed and type of bankruptcy.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Lien Searches:

UCC is a practice in all the states to govern all the commercial transactions. The search results are liens between the individuals and businesses regarding the mortgages, equipment and vehicles. The Sources for this information is the National Uniform Commercial Code Filings.

Why do you need UCC and Lien Searches?

In many cases, debtors have liens associated with a commercial institution. This is great alternative for finding an individual. The individual's address is returned with any matching UCC filings. These addresses are frequently direct matches.

Credential Research's® Bankruptcy Services:

Whether you need help with filing a lien, UCC-1 financing statements, or UCC-3 continuations, amendments, releases or terminations, Credential Research® can help you with all your UCC filings from one secure and convenient web application. Credential Research® makes quick work of UCC filings and includes a proprietary debtor name validation service that alerts you to potentially incorrect corporate debtor names before you file a lien.

Best of all, Credential Research® keeps track of changing jurisdictional requirements—like which states have enacted the 2010 Amendments to UCC Article 9—so you don't have to. Our application is automatically updated with the appropriate forms and prompts so that your UCC-1 filings and any additional UCC filings remain in compliance.

Primary Benefits Include:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by storing common debtor, secured party, and collateral information in one convenient location.
  • Review and edit all your UCC filings on the actual UCC forms after they have been created and store images of your UCC forms and attachments indefinitely.
  • File electronically in more jurisdictions than any other service provider offers, using one simple UCC filing system to file in all states.
  • Receive automatic updates regarding your order status through every step of the process.

Primary Benefits Include:

  • Extensive use of technology for compliant results.
  • Accurate & automated results.
  • Reporting and dashboard features.
  • Time & Cost savings that can be quantified.

Credential Research will help request a UCC search to find a complete UCC report with the following information:

  • Debtor Name
  • Debtor Address
  • Filing State
  • Date Filed
  • Original Date
  • Original Number
  • Document Number
  • Legal Type
  • Secured Party's Name
  • Secured Party's Address
  • Secured Parties
  • Debtor Parties
  • Filings
  • Collateral